Get To Know Us

Learn more about how SpecCheck got started, and meet the team that makes the magic happen!

Our Mission

To revolutionize the way the optical industry does business.

Where Independent Innovation Meets Eyecare

A few years ago, the co-founders of SpecCheck had a realization: the optical industry had a problem. The process for how opticians and their lab partners communicate needed some major updating. An emailed fax report once daily with yesterday’s order statuses? Sitting on hold with a lab for fifteen minutes to make a simple order edit? Costly errors when relaying information to support over the phone? They knew there had to be a better way.

That’s why the SpecCheck Team—composed of members of the optical industry, Silicon Valley software engineers, and top-notch product designers—created a cutting edge solution to revolutionize the way doctors, optical labs, and their enterprise partners do business.

At SpecCheck, we’re truly passionate about eyewear and improving the optical industry. We rely heavily on our user’s feedback to tailor and fine tune our systems, and we’re always adding new features. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please reach out to us - we’d love to hear from you.

We’re excited for you to experience SpecCheck and join us as we change the optical industry, one lens at a time. SpecCheck is an independent company.

Meet the SpecCheck Family

Joe DeMaria
Co-Founder & CEO
Joe began his career as an optician and saw the inefficiencies with the available optical technology firsthand. He left his role as a sales executive at Johnson & Johnson Vision to start SpecCheck with his co-founder Arnold. Combined with his extensive sales experience and robust professional network, Joe leads both the sales and product design teams at SpecCheck.
Arnold Villatoro
Co-Founder & CTO
Arnold is an accomplished software engineer with a successful track record of leading teams at Lyft and Workday. His focus on developing scalable and innovative solutions helps save companies time and money. After spending 5 years overhauling Lyft's payment systems, Arnold left to start SpecCheck with Joe. He leads all technical and product development at SpecCheck.
Tyler Varian
‍‍Chief Operating Officer
Tyler is an innovative business leader with a proven track record in technology, e-commerce, and SaaS. As a founding member of the team, he has a record of maximizing revenue growth while cutting costs. His core competencies lie in business operations, marketing strategy, financial management, and customer experience. He joins the SpecCheck team to lead these efforts.
Jordeen Chang
Software Engineer
Jordeen is a proven engineer with a passion for tackling complex problems. With a range of experiences across a variety of tech stacks, Jordeen has honed her expertise in server-side development. Most recently at Lyft, she developed a powerful payments infrastructure with a high standard for reliability. Now as a founding engineer at SpecCheck, Jordeen is leveraging her skills to build robust infrastructure to power the optical industry.
Daniel Diaz
Software Engineer
Daniel is a seasoned engineer with experience building software applications in both the private and public sectors. He is passionate about leveraging his technical skills to create innovative solutions for users and businesses alike. Previously at Lightstep (acquired by ServiceNow), he led teams focused on cost management and query experience for observability tools. Daniel joins the team to build delightful and performant products at SpecCheck.
Tristan Brewster
Software Engineer
Tristan is a well-versed software engineer and UI/UX designer with a strong focus on frontend web design and development. With a unique blend of theoretical insight and practical expertise, he is passionate about understanding problems from multiple angles, all with user experience and long-term vision in mind. Previously crafting creative and effective solutions in the IoT industry, Tristan joins the team to work towards SpecCheck's goal of putting the user first, always.
Reé Chen
Product Designer
Reé is a product designer known for his system thinking and user-centered approach, with a robust background creating compelling visual narratives. Before joining SpecCheck, Reé honed his skills across a diverse range of environments—from startups to large enterprises—bringing rich perspective and expertise to every project. At SpecCheck, he leads the development of the design system, shapes product design, and crafts impactful brand and marketing collateral.
Michael Lee
Product Design Advisor
Michael is an experienced product designer who specializes in taking ideas from conception to reality. Having previously worked at Pivotal before its acquisition by VMware, Michael has also developed his own product design curriculum and currently teaches as a professor at AAU. He's equally passionate about designing and launching products as he is about building and improving design teams and strategies within organizations.

What makes us different?

A Brighter Optical Future
At SpecCheck, our dedicated team is deeply invested in every feature we create. Our goal? To bring technology and customer care together for a brighter optical future.
Technology with a Personal Touch
Behind every line of code, there’s a human touch. We ensure that our technology not only solves problems, but also resonates with and empowers the optical experts using it.
Where Software Meets Optics
Our team at SpecCheck seamlessly blends technology, engineering, and optical prowess. Drawing from a vast reservoir of combined knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to deliver trailblazing solutions for the industry.
An Independent Company
Our status as an independent company allows us to chart our own course. We make decisions that align with our mission to uplift the optical industry, always prioritizing the needs of our community.
Customer Driven Innovation
At SpecCheck, our customers always drive our direction. We take pride in our rapid response to feedback, ensuring our solutions continuously evolve with your requirements at the helm.
Ever-Evolving Excellence
Every day, we push past boundaries, adding fresh, innovative features that keep us at the forefront. With SpecCheck, the future is not only bright—it's constantly unfolding.