Company Overview

SpecCheck’s mission is to revolutionize the way doctors, optical labs, and their technology partners do business. 

We are an ordering, billing, and customer management platform for eye doctors and optical labs. The optical market in the United States is an $70B industry, which is expanding at a faster rate than ever due to an aging population and an increase in myopia (nearsightedness). SpecCheck enables eye doctors and their business partners to seamlessly transmit prescription orders, track them, pay their bills, and work as a more cohesive unit. The end result is more transparency and more efficiency, culminating in an improved patient experience.

Some things we’re proud of:
One of the only independent software companies in the industry.
Strong growth trajectory with profitable business lines.
Millions of dollars processed per month with our payments product,
10,000s of orders processed using our dynamic Rx lens ordering system.
Partnered with the largest independent software players in the industry.
Our Founders
Joe previously served the optical industry for over a decade with leading industry players (J&J Visioncare), Arnold was a founding member of the payments team at Lyft.

Venture backed by
major firms.

$3.65 M
Seed Fundraising Round

What's it like working at SpecCheck?

We are a remote first (but tight-knit) team. We have good structure, and a majority of our time spent is building things people want. We work and collaborate asynchronously through tools like Jira, Figma, Slack, and Google Meets. We also stay aligned and bonded with weekly sprints, 1:1s, monthly check in meetings, and socials. Our goal is to empower each person on the team to take initiative on projects that excite them, facilitate personal and professional growth, and deliver on our promise to create unified, valuable, and differentiated solutions for our rapidly growing customer base.SpecCheck is an equal opportunity employer. We are an inclusive organization and actively promote equality of opportunity. We welcome all applications from a wide range of candidates. Selection for roles will be based on individual merit alone.

In the news:
Exclusive feature.
Vision Monday
Largest industry publication.
Y Combinator
Launch article.
Bain Capital
Top 50 vertical SaaS list.

Current openings

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What makes us different?

A Brighter Optical Future
At SpecCheck, our dedicated team is deeply invested in every feature we create. Our goal? To bring technology and customer care together for a brighter optical future.
Technology with a Personal Touch
Behind every line of code, there’s a human touch. We ensure that our technology not only solves problems, but also resonates with and empowers the optical experts using it.
Where Software Meets Optics
Our team at SpecCheck seamlessly blends technology, engineering, and optical prowess. Drawing from a vast reservoir of combined knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to deliver trailblazing solutions for the industry.
An Independent Company
Our status as an independent company allows us to chart our own course. We make decisions that align with our mission to uplift the optical industry, always prioritizing the needs of our community.
Customer Driven Innovation
At SpecCheck, our customers always drive our direction. We take pride in our rapid response to feedback, ensuring our solutions continuously evolve with your requirements at the helm.
Ever-Evolving Excellence
Every day, we push past boundaries, adding fresh, innovative features that keep us at the forefront. With SpecCheck, the future is not only bright—it's constantly unfolding.