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Let our team of optical experts and software engineers partner with you to design custom solutions.
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Fully Integrated Solutions
Let our expert team design solutions for your business. SpecCheck's flexible platform can be adapted to fit any business need.
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Streamlined Payments
Streamline your billing with SpecCheck's custom payments solution. Our powerful billing platform can be integrated with any setup.
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Simple APIs & Documentation
SpecCheck provides simple APIs and documentation. Our engineering team is well-versed in all of the latest frameworks and best practices.
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What makes us different?

A Brighter Optical Future
At SpecCheck, our dedicated team is deeply invested in every feature we create. Our goal? To bring technology and customer care together for a brighter optical future.
Technology with a Personal Touch
Behind every line of code, there’s a human touch. We ensure that our technology not only solves problems, but also resonates with and empowers the optical experts using it.
Where Software Meets Optics
Our team at SpecCheck seamlessly blends technology, engineering, and optical prowess. Drawing from a vast reservoir of combined knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to deliver trailblazing solutions for the industry.
An Independent Company
Our status as an independent company allows us to chart our own course. We make decisions that align with our mission to uplift the optical industry, always prioritizing the needs of our community.
Customer Driven Innovation
At SpecCheck, our customers always drive our direction. We take pride in our rapid response to feedback, ensuring our solutions continuously evolve with your requirements at the helm.
Ever-Evolving Excellence
Every day, we push past boundaries, adding fresh, innovative features that keep us at the forefront. With SpecCheck, the future is not only bright—it's constantly unfolding.

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