Welcome to the Future of Optical Billing

Automate your invoicing and simplify bill pay with our unified payments processor, designed exclusively for optical labs. Easily configure autopay and process one-time payments so you never miss a payment again.

Built for optical labs and their opticians.

Fully automated invoicing
Easy autopay setup
Autoposts + Reconciles with your LMS
256-bit state of the art security

State of the Art Technology

Automated Invoicing
Say goodbye to manual invoicing and sending emails. Effortlessly automate the invoicing process and reduce errors.
Easy Autopay
With our autopay feature, ensure timely payments from your customers every time. No more manually running payments.
Secure Payments Portal
Opticians can easily pay their bills online. SpecCheck supports discounts, fees, and automated notifications all from our secure website.
Seamless LMS Integration
Lab Pay effortlessly integrates with your LMS system, which allows for automatic reconciliation and charge posting.
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Loved By Optical Labs

"SpecCheck's platform has significantly improved our workflow efficiency and reduced errors. We're able to easily track orders, communicate with doctors, and process payments all in one place. It's a game changer."

Keith Grossman 
Co-Owner, Simplify Optics
"As a small independent lab owner, I was hesitant to invest in new technology. But SpecCheck's platform has paid for itself in time saved and improved accuracy. I highly recommend it."

Tom Schroeder
Owner, Schroeder Optical

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