Easy-To-Use Live Chat

Enhance your opticians' experience by arming your customer service team with our easy-to-use live chat solution. Seamlessly integrated into every page of SpecCheck's platform.
"Since integrating SpecCheck and their live chat offering into our lab, our customer satisfaction has increased and we've seen a noticeable decrease in remakes. The ability to easily communicate with doctors and patients has been invaluable."
Brandon Butler
Pacific Artisan Labs
President & CEO

Fully Integrated Live Chat Solution

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Improve Customer Communication
Foster stronger, more efficient connections with your customers using our live chat feature, streamlining conversations and reducing misunderstandings.
Saved Conversation History
Our chat history function ensures that no detail is lost, offering labs and opticians the ability to access previous conversations for clarity and context.
Advanced Reporting
Dive deep into chat metrics with our advanced reporting, providing insights into customer interactions, trends, and areas for improvement.
Designed To Scale
As your business expands, our robust chat solution seamlessly adapts, guaranteeing that every optician receives timely assistance, no matter your lab's size.

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