New Feature

Dynamic Rx Ordering

Arnold Villatoro
Co-Founder & CTO

Exciting developments are unfolding at SpecCheck! We’re ecstatic to unveil our dynamic new order entry tool, meticulously designed to amplify efficiency and precision in your optical ordering process. With an array of innovative features, this advanced tool is set to transform your operational workflow, making it sleeker, quicker, and more accurate. Learn more about the major update below! Explore a video walkthrough of the new tool here.

👓 Dynamic Ordering

Experience adaptive Rx entry like never before! Our system intelligently adjusts measurement, lens styles, and options based on the type of order you’re submitting. This not only streamlines the ordering process but also significantly reduces errors, ensuring that each order is precise and accurate.

⚡️ Faster Order Entry

Time is of the essence, and our modernized design is here to save you loads of it! Facilitating quicker order submissions, redos, and duplicates, this tool is the fast track to enhanced productivity and efficiency in your optical operations.

🧾 View Digital Invoices

In collaboration with participating labs, we now offer the ability to access digital copies of individual order invoices. This feature brings an added layer of convenience, simplifying your invoice management process.

🔁 Rapid Redos & Order Duplication

Errors and adjustments shouldn’t slow you down. Our new tool allows you to swiftly and accurately send redos and multiple pairs to your lab partners, ensuring that each customer’s needs are met promptly and effectively.

🔎 Updated Frames Data Integration

Your search for the perfect frame just got a whole lot easier! Now, you can quickly search and integrate common frame styles into your order with just one click, making the ordering process seamless and hassle-free.

🔜 Coming Soon

Stay tuned for even more enhancements! Upcoming features such as Lens Thickness and Balance Lens options are on the horizon, ready to elevate your SpecCheck experience to new heights.

Discover the future of optical ordering with our remarkable new tool, and witness a remarkable boost in the productivity and accuracy of your operations. Ready to transform your optical ordering experience? Dive into the extraordinary features of our new order entry tool today! 🌟 Sign up for your free account today!

Arnold Villatoro
Arnold is an accomplished software engineer with a successful track record of leading teams at Lyft and Workday. His focus on developing scalable and innovative solutions helps save companies time and money. After spending 5 years overhauling Lyft's payment systems, Arnold left to start SpecCheck with Joe. He leads all technical and product development at SpecCheck.