New Feature

SpecCheck Practice Reporting

Jordeen Chang
Staff Software Engineer

📊 Introducing SpecCheck Reporting: A Game-Changer for Your Practice

In our continuous quest to provide eye care professionals with innovative tools that streamline operations and enhance patient care, SpecCheck is excited to unveil our latest feature - a free reporting suite for orders placed through SpecCheck.

Our new reporting dashboard offers a panoramic view of your practice's activities, from the types of SpecCheck orders placed each month to the specific lens styles, materials, and add-ons chosen. It's more than just numbers; it's about understanding the trends and preferences that define your practice.

👓 A Closer Look at Your Orders

SpecCheck's reporting doesn't stop at surface-level analytics. We provide a granular breakdown of key aspects of your SpecCheck orders including:

  • The balance between single vision and multifocal lenses
  • The diversity in lens coatings, transitions, and blue filters employed
  • Detailed insights into redo orders, helping you pinpoint areas for improvement
  • An overview of multi-pair orders, empowering you to better cater to patient needs
  • Analysis of frame selections, aligning your inventory with patient preferences


⚡️ Empowering Decisions with Data‍

These reports are more than just snapshots of your ordering history on SpecCheck, they're tools designed to empower your decision-making process. By offering a clear, data-driven picture of your practice's operations, SpecCheck's reporting suite enables you to make informed choices that enhance efficiency, optimize patient satisfaction, and drive your practice's success.

We're committed to supporting eye care professionals with the most advanced tools in the optical industry, and our new reporting suite is a testament to that commitment. SpecCheck is here to illuminate the path forward with data-driven insights, ensuring that your practice not only keeps pace with the industry, but sets the pace. Together, let's transform the way you view your practice's data, available now only on SpecCheck.

Jordeen Chang
Jordeen is a proven engineer with a passion for tackling complex problems. With a range of experiences across a variety of tech stacks, Jordeen has honed her expertise in server-side development. Most recently at Lyft, she developed a powerful payments infrastructure with a high standard for reliability. Now as a founding engineer at SpecCheck, Jordeen is leveraging her skills to build robust infrastructure to power the optical industry.