What is SpecCheck?

Arnold Villatoro
Co-Founder & CTO

Meet SpecCheck

What do you get when you combine the best talent in Silicon Valley and opticians passionate about eyewear and technology? You get SpecCheck, a new optical communications platform available to Eye Care Professionals (ECPs). If an ECP works with an optical lab in SpecCheck’s rapidly-expanding network, all they need is an internet connection to take advantage of their cloud based platform from any device!

Origin & Features

Founded in 2022 by Joe DeMaria and Arnold Villatoro, SpecCheck’s mission is to revolutionize the way patients, doctors, and optical labs work and communicate. SpecCheck’s dashboard serves as an all-in-one platform where ECPs can view and submit lens orders, live chat with their lab partners, and get real-time statuses for all orders, regardless of how they were submitted. SpecCheck’s Live Chat service—which connects ECPs directly to the lab’s customer service team—significantly reduces hold times and allows lab agents to work more efficiently than ever before. Conversation history is also stored forever in SpecCheck, so both parties can always go back and reference what was said.

SpecCheck also offers opticians the most modern and comprehensive online ordering tool available. SpecCheck has proprietary functionality and advanced validations that makes placing accurate orders easier than ever before. Redo and duplicate orders are a breeze. Toggling between different accounts is done with just one click. The list goes on, with more exciting new features rolling out every month!

Our Founders

Joe DeMaria (Johnson & Johnson, Shamir Insight) brings over a decade of experience across the optical industry, and leads the team’s expansion efforts and product direction. Arnold Villatoro (Lyft, WorkDay) left Silicon Valley after leading Lyft’s payments team to spearhead SpecCheck’s technical development. Together with their talented group of developers, designers, and industry experts, Joe and Arnold are working to make SpecCheck the premiere software solution that ECPs, labs, and their patients have been waiting for. 

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Arnold Villatoro
Arnold is an accomplished software engineer with a successful track record of leading teams at Lyft and Workday. His focus on developing scalable and innovative solutions helps save companies time and money. After spending 5 years overhauling Lyft's payment systems, Arnold left to start SpecCheck with Joe. He leads all technical and product development at SpecCheck.