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Joe DeMaria
Co-Founder & CEO

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✅ SpecCheck: Backed by Y Combinator!

Tl;dr: SpecCheck is an all-in-one solution that provides accurate prescription eyewear ordering and tracking, seamless billing, and streamlined communication between patients, eye doctors, and their lab partners. SpecCheck’s users work more efficiently and make fewer costly errors, increasing productivity and improving their overall workflow.

Hello, World! We’re Joe DeMaria and Arnold Villatoro, the co-founders of SpecCheck. Together with our team of industry experts and seasoned software engineers, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the optical industry. We're also excited to announce that we've been backed by Y Combinator, a technology startup accelerator that has launched over 4,000 companies including Airbnb, Coinbase, Cruise, DoorDash, Dropbox.

❌ The Problem: Current optical industry software sucks!

Did you know it takes a coordinated team of eye doctors, opticians, technicians, and an optical lab to successfully dispense a single pair of prescription eyeglasses? Despite this complex balancing act, each of these groups are forced to use antiquated technology and systems built in the 1990s that are fragmented, outdated, and limited to specific use cases. This results in glasses taking longer than they should to reach the patient, and results in expensive remakes. Not-so-fun fact: one in ten pairs of glasses needs to be redone before they are ready for pick up.

😎 The Solution: SpecCheck

SpecCheck is a unified ordering, billing, and communications platform designed specifically for the optical industry. Our solution centralizes all processes involved in the purchasing and manufacturing of prescription eyewear, saving time and reducing costly errors. Some of our features include: 

  • ✨ Modern Dashboard: Our simple and intuitive dashboard appeals to both new and veteran eye doctors.
  • 👓 Order Entry: The easiest way for eye doctors to electronically transmit eyewear orders to optical laboratories, with advanced data validations to reduce errors.
  • 💳 Payments Processing: Doctors can conveniently pay lab invoices directly from our platform.
  • 💬 Customer Service Live Chat: Communicate more efficiently with optical labs to check order statuses, make edits, and request additional information.
  • 🔔 Patient Notifications & Tracking: Keep patients in the know with one-click order notifications and our self-service patient order tracker.
SpecCheck’s Dashboard

⭐ Why Us?

Joe began his career in the optical industry in 2012, working as an optician for several different offices. In 2016 he was recruited to work for a key industry player, Shamir Insight, and afterwards for Johnson & Johnson Vision as a sales executive. As he traversed the industry in various roles, Joe realized that thousands of other eye doctors and optical labs were suffering from the same problems and frustrations he had encountered during his career. 

When Joe approached his friend Arnold about creating a new technology resource to unify the fragmented optical industry, Arnold was quick to see the vision (pun intended). Arnold’s career started at Workday building the infrastructure for an internal job scheduler. Most recently, Arnold was the lead staff engineer for the payments infrastructure and processing teams at Lyft. With his diverse experience designing scalable and easy-to-use technology solutions for millions of users, Joe and Arnold make the perfect co-founding team.

🙏 Our Asks 

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Joe DeMaria
Joe began his career as an optician and saw the inefficiencies with the available optical technology firsthand. He left his role as a sales executive at Johnson & Johnson Vision to start SpecCheck with his co-founder Arnold. Combined with his extensive sales experience and robust professional network, Joe leads both the sales and product design teams at SpecCheck.