QuickBooks Online

The QuickBooks Online integration with SpecCheck for our Lab partners automates invoice and statement postings, and streamlines your accounts receivable.

Lab Integrations

QuickBooks Online & SpecCheck Lab Pay

SpecCheck's new QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration is set to revolutionize the accounting processes for our Lab partners, making accounts receivable through SpecCheck Lab Pay easier than ever. This integration streamlines financial workflows by automating the entry of invoices and statements processed directly into QBO, ensuring accurate and in sync bookkeeping.

Key features of the integration include:

  • Automatic posting of invoices and statements to QBO.
  • Breakdown of processor fees into appropriate accounts.
  • Seamless reconciliation of payments within QBO.

By automating these critical accounting tasks, SpecCheck lab partners can significantly reduce manual data entry errors, save on administrative time, and improve overall financial accuracy. Our exclusive integration with DVI further enhances operational efficiency, allowing labs to manage their finances and payments more effectively in one integrated system, and reconcile to DVI using just one click.

For labs looking to optimize their accounting processes and learn more about SpecCheck Lab Pay and our QBO integration, contact us today!

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