New Feature

Streamlining Eye Care: The SpecCheck and Crystal PM Integration

Joe DeMaria
Co-Founder & CEO

SpecCheck 🤝 Crystal Practice Management

The integration between SpecCheck and Crystal PM marks a significant advancement for Eye Care Professionals (ECPs), addressing a common pain point: the redundancy of double data entry. By seamlessly connecting the Crystal PM dashboard to SpecCheck, ECPs can now input Rx orders and have them automatically populate in SpecCheck, streamlining their workflow and reducing the risk of errors that can occur with manual re-entry.

This integration not only saves valuable time but also enhances the accuracy of orders, ensuring that patients receive the correct prescriptions without delay. The convenience of this system allows ECPs to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks, ultimately improving the overall efficiency of their practice.

For ECPs interested in taking advantage of this new feature, follow the step-by-step guide here. Visit our website for more details and to start streamlining your order submission process today.

Joe DeMaria
Joe began his career as an optician and saw the inefficiencies with the available optical technology firsthand. He left his role as a sales executive at Johnson & Johnson Vision to start SpecCheck with his co-founder Arnold. Combined with his extensive sales experience and robust professional network, Joe leads both the sales and product design teams at SpecCheck.